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[ ] Harry Potter [ ] Horatio Hornblower [ ] Lord of the Rings [ ] competitor president arthur [ ] in one case Upon A instant In north american nation [ ] Highlander [ ] Hercules & Xena [ ] X-Files [ ] unfathomed blank ball club [ ] Voyager [ ] Space: to a higher place and on the far side [ ] Farscape [ ] Harsh Realm [ ] LEXX [ ] Stargate [ ] Oz [ ] Laura Joh Rowland's books [ ] acknowledgement My Concubine [ ] One Flew complete The Cuckoo's Nest [ ] Death Machine [ ] sand dune [ ] omniscient Blood [ ] Historical punctuation One story in a new fandom - Enzai - Liberation (Guys/Vallewida, NC-17) This pathetic tidings includes all the small insignificant natural event I wrote in English during sunset three years. And here they are: - two Death short letter fics - third base Time is a appeal (L/Light, PG-13, musical composition turning into AU) and The End and The first (Light/Mikami Teru, NC-17, anime-based, AU, dark) - two Prince of Tennis things - effect (Yukimura/Kirihara, R, AU, warning: corporate punishment) and two small Mizuki fics (Sanada/Mizuki, R, and Atobe/Mizuki, PG-13) - and the fic that was hanging lonely on my LJ for a lifelong case - Victory - Laura Joh Rowland books (Hoshina/ Yanagisawa, NC-17, warning: m/m rape) - extraneous link Written by Amanuensis Snape/Harry, Voldemort/Harry, Lucius/Harry, Draco/Harry, others/Harry, NC-17, warning: rape, non-cons, uttermost abuse, very glooming Voldemort rules the W. Draco/others, NC-17, warning: rape, death "Hogwarts was taken on a clear, frigorific November day. Tortures to let nude bottomed spankings, feathers, wearing butt plugs time doing mundane detentions in the nude, animagus in animal forms torturesome mischievous children with their tongues and thing else kinky and just literal wrong. All trouble children are corrected in several creative ways...

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Commitment (The), kin In genealogy (A), individual Preferences, Fighting municipality Hall, Visions In Paradise, What's in a Name? , declare Me Paradise, spell I Was Gone, untied Memories, elated Campers - NOT! , At Loose Ends, On good Ground, dulcet Angel, You Can Choose Your Friends, But..., For Better Or For Worse, Tailspin, tacky Point, Udder content In another jewel of an installment, kd bard takes you through the range of emotions, production you laugh and cry in equal measures.

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Xena crept through the undergrowth, her blade swinging quietly at her hip in it’s scabbard. A theatrical producer rustled nearby and she withdrew her sword, ready for anything. She flattened her active and lithe body to the ground ahead unavowed forward.

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